Seeking what I’m here for

When I was younger, I felt held back, limited and somewhat alone. I’m the oldest of my mom’s seven children, but I kept my problems in my head. My fears, doubts, hurts, basically all the darkness and light in me stayed in me. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I learned to get these thoughts and dreams out of me, that I was supposed to talk to someone about what was going on with me.

My real dad was not around often, and his absence has a profound effect on my life. At the same time though, my step-dad’s presence also has a huge impact on me. Those effects, plus my mom and grandma’s influence made me in a great way who I am today and now I can thank God for all of it. I’ve been up and down, just like anyone else could be, and by God’s grace I have overcome some tremendous personal obstacles and have been blessed with the courage to face the rest of them.

Today I know that in Jesus Christ nothing is impossible and I am no longer limited except by my thoughts, though I don’t live out my faith all day every day.

I’m here to have a huge impact in this world through Jesus Christ and I pray he will be with me and with those I will serve, and with the World. If you are seeking advice or just want to talk and share your experiences on your journey, let me know. Let’s see what happens. All are invited.

Bless you, and know this: You are worth so much to God, that he sent his son to die so you can live with him forever.